Little Audrey's Panic Page

Little Audrey's really quiet Panic Page

Little Audrey shushs her audience

Shhh! Daddy's taking a nap.

Read very quietly and try not to giggle too much.

Just remember, if you wake Daddy up
he will want to read these Little Audrey comics too!

Oh Baby! What a day!
[bbsittr1.jpg] [bbsittr2.jpg] [bbsittr3.jpg] [bbsittr4.jpg] [bbsittr5.jpg]
I'm just being myself.
[brself01.jpg] [brself02.jpg] [brself03.jpg] [brself04.jpg] [brself05.jpg]
Melvin is my clumsy Prince Charming.
[shoefit1.jpg] [shoefit2.jpg] [shoefit3.jpg] [shoefit4.jpg] [shoefit5.jpg]
Shhh! Don't make any noise. Daddy's sleeping.
[quiet001.jpg] [quiet002.jpg] [quiet003.jpg] [quiet004.jpg] [quiet005.jpg]
I knew it. Those beauty contests are fake!
[queen001.jpg] [queen002.jpg] [queen003.jpg] [queen004.jpg] [queen005.jpg]
Party till I drop!
[party001.jpg] [party002.jpg] [party003.jpg] [party004.jpg] [party005.jpg]
I have Mel trained pretty good, huh?
No man is an island, but he might live on one.
[island01.jpg] [island02.jpg] [island03.jpg] [island04.jpg] [island05.jpg]
Don't bother with dinner Mom, we're going to the moon!
[mixup001.jpg] [mixup002.jpg] [mixup003.jpg] [mixup004.jpg] [mixup005.jpg]
I was only trying to help!
[doright1.jpg] [doright2.jpg] [doright3.jpg] [doright4.jpg] [doright5.jpg]
When it's hot, it's cool to pretend to be an eskimo!
[coolit001.jpg] [coolit002.jpg] [coolit003.jpg] [coolit004.jpg] [coolit005.jpg]
Do I dislike pesky salesmen? Yes!
Have you ever been told to "go fly a kite!", Hmm?
[kite01.jpg] [kite02.jpg]
"Who said I hadda play fair?"
Bunnies and butterflies beware!
[hunt01.jpg] [hunt02.jpg] [hunt03.jpg] [hunt04.jpg]
Why *do* guys go fishing, anyway?
[catch1.jpg] [catch2.jpg] [catch3.jpg] [catch4.jpg] [catch5.jpg]
Me and Mel dream away a rainy day.
[olddays1.jpg] [olddays2.jpg] [olddays3.jpg] [olddays4.jpg] [olddays5.jpg]
It's bath time for Melvin!
[water001.jpg] [water002.jpg] [water003.jpg] [water004.jpg] [water005.jpg]
I don't think I like being Melvin's science experiment...
[monkey01.jpg] [monkey02.jpg] [monkey03.jpg] [monkey04.jpg] [monkey05.jpg]
I dressed up as a doll to fool the new kids,
but my prank backfired!
[plaud001.jpg] [plaud002.jpg] [plaud003.jpg] [plaud004.jpg] [plaud005.jpg]
Too much sugar for the dime! That silly Melvin!
Melvin is a pest, even as a doll!
Ok, Mel's not so bad if you go time traveling...
[timeout1.jpg] [timeout2.jpg] [timeout3.jpg] [timeout4.jpg] [timeout5.jpg]
Little Audrey coloring pages!
[bc0mebaw.jpg] [audcolor2.jpg]

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Disclaimer: This is an un-o-fishul fan page. All images here are copyrighted by Harvey Comics .

Like this idea? Its yours!

There's been talk of reviving Little Audrey as
a comic, or as a webcast animation. Mostly just
talk though. On the off-chance that someone in
charge at Harvey will see this, I submit the
following ideas.

To do new comic books and strips, if it were me, I
would ask *Mauricio de Sousa Productions* if they
would do the art and stories.
As you can see by his site, Monica's Gang,
it wouldn't be much of a stretch to to put Little
Audrey, Melvin, Lucretia, Echo, Phoebe, et al
back in the comics with new adventures. It
wouldn't hurt to ask, and the price is bound to be

For new animation, if it were me, the ideal
studio would be *Klasky Csupo*. You know,
the studio of "Rugrats" fame. How could you go
wrong there?

And that's my two cents worth. Like it? Its yours!

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